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Al-Mensr Al Thahaby is responsible for the convenience of life we have been experiencing at the moment. It has been serving the Middle East and is promoting its excellence to the whole world. We take pride in manufacturing and trading cooling systems for hotels, buildings, malls and hospitals. Ongoing trainings in the industry is what make it to the top.

On the surface you only see the finished product. What you can’t see are all the intricate details and qualities that built them: on time and within budget performance, management, engineering knowledge, unfailing commitment to excellence. These qualities underlie on every single detail that needs to be catered to.

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Oil and Gas services, in collaboration with APS Co. a specialist in the preparation of studies and designs of projects for petroleum products (diesel and gasoline), projects of pressure the natural gas associated with crude oil. This is one of the finest contribution the company has offered to the public as it is now considered as one of the basic necessities in our day to day living. Since the existence of this project it opened new doors for innovation for new and fresh ideas on how to utilize such resources and is now heading to new inventions new studies new discoveries. Together with the generosity of MSP Co. which is a specialist in oil and gas wells, valves which are parts of the system called Christmas tree. We were able to supply contracts to the fields of Al –hefaya in Emara and Al –ahdab in Al- Kut.

Control and SCADA systems together with of ISI Co. we supply the equipment and programs for the specific design and implementation of measurement and control system of modern communications and data transfer equipment used in oil and gas projects and the electrical power generation and transmission stations. Working with TRANSCAM Co. was beneficial also as they provide designing, fabrication and supervision of various types of process in control systems. Include refinery residue gas, landfill methane and pipeline quality natural gas, distillate, fuel boosters and fuel control/ filter systems for utility power stations, co generation stations, pressure reducing , fuel heating, super heating, and pipeline systems.

Acoustics & Warning Technologies which was successfully launched in cooperation with SIRHOM GMBH the strategic marketing, implementing and the development of acoustic emergency warning systems to cover the public through tailored demand. Our mass notification systems are widely recognized for their superior dialog clarity, impressive build quality, advanced technology and flexibility. Our systems easily integrate with other warning systems to provide more complete solutions.

In order to provide excellent contracting services in the oil industry Al-Mensr Al Thahaby also engaged in supplying industrial valves for Ministry of Oil and the Ministry of Industry and Mineral and was materialized through the aid of CLEVLAND company. Also, supplying different pumps used in Oil industry water sewage treatment through our representation of the ENSIVAL Co.

Cable testing and fault locating equipment;
We have a good experience in medium, high voltage &extra high voltage cables, fields testing equipment that used to determine and locate the fault by high techniques and was manufactured by HIGH VOLTAGE, INC.

Submersible & agricultural pumps;
Supplying agricultural pumps and water wells, submersible pumps for agriculture and irrigation,pumps and pipes with different capabilities and types from Oswal Co.

Distributing different types of filters for oil, air, fuel and hydraulic filtration for all types of machinery with perfect global specification imported from Sampiyon Co.

Furthermore, Al-Mensr Al Thahaby goes beyond trough marketing of the different types and origins of computers and their accessories, laboratory equipment, electrical devices, control and distribution boards, promoting its new project through caravans in the offices and residential areas, includes solar lighting. Al-Mensr Al Thahaby is continually expanding its business entities by engaging into different projects.
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