Baghdad - Karada - Alwarka'a BLDG, Floor 2,Flat 13.
Al-Mensr Al Thahaby meticulously engineered solutions for your needs in cooling systems, oil and gas services, water treatment, pumping stations and building services equipment. With the complete set of manpower ensuring the best results for every project handled. Clientele have been doubled over the years, a remarkable achievement maintaining the top spot in providing the mentioned services. We cater contracting jobs to the Southern Oil Company, along with central cooling systems include chillers and package units and air handling units which is a special specifications in the oil sector (explosion prove units). Moreover, we develop competence to the workers by providing training programs to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Some of the industries that experience our expertise were hospitals and health units, hotels, commercial buildings and malls, swimming pools and modern sport halls. In response to the needs in contracting services, Al-Mensr Al Thahaby has done collaborative efforts from different companies to supply perfectly designed studies in different fields where it gives high standard quality to the market’s needs. Its mission is to create and maintain a customer oriented effort in product/services procurement and contracting services that supports the welfare of humanity and nature.

We at Al-Mensr Al Thahaby have the expertise, experience, skills and resources to tackle the most challenging construction under the most demanding schedules. Look for the professionalism behind the projects, and you will understand why Al- Mensr Al Thahaby is the regions premier full service contractor.A quality company built by quality people. Al-Mensr Al Thahaby has made total quality management an organizing principle since its inception.Al-Mensr Al Thahaby Company has earned a reputation unequalled in the industry. How? Find out with us.
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